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2018 Christmas Cash Winners

January 24, 2019

How would you react if someone surprised you at work with $500 cash?

Congratulations to all of our 2018 Christmas Cash Winners! 

Amanda Brown Williams Kathlina Alford
Amy Rice Davis Kathy B Hollaway
Andrea Weaver Kerry Bynum
Anna Elizabeth Haynes Lamonte P Vaughn
Annika Marie Goins Linda S Key
Candice A Clark-Smith Mark Stallings
Carolyn Johnston Mary K May
Charlesetta McDaniel Matthew Chadd
Dale Theresa Carney Michael R Harris
Dawn Raulston Misty D Oleary
Dennis Wilkes Nancy L Fell
Donna M Gabor Natasha P Ellis
Emily M  Lewis Richard Coleman
Emma Grace Rogers Robbin Faulk
Eric  U Schultz Sam Dean
Frances D Upton Sam Lawrence Laxton
Hannah Schobert Steven Guinn Bamburg
Hunter Broughton Susan Joseph
Jianna Mykel Mitchell Suzan S Russell
John Lennon Terra S C Wright
John S Robbs Tracey Corder
Josie Joy McBryar Tracy Lynn Higginbotham
Judy Harris Davenport Visa V Williams
Julia H Jackson Wilford C Blowe
Katheryn A Thompson William R Kiper

Congratulations to all of our winners! If you didn't win, remember that Beach Bucks is coming in May! 

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