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Beach Bucks Summer 2022

June 13, 2022

School is out! Time for the next best thing to summer break…. Beach Bucks!

Twice a year, we randomly select members to each win $500. The full membership is eligible, and every member has an equal chance to win. 

Congratulations to our summer 2022 Beach Bucks winners.

William Anderson
Carrie Bishop
Kayla Burse
Mindy Byerley
Mendi Catlett
Lara Degenaro
Deborah Erwin
Kelly Farris
Melisa Foster
Sarah Fowler
Johneta Fugh
Casey Gellerman
Mark Giesel
Amy Griffith
Erin Kirby
Kristen Light
Emma Martin
Lisa McCall
Paul Moon
Eleanor Pollard
Leon Rash
Chad Reyes
Bonnie Stoloff
Michelle Wilson
Joanne Wynne

We can’t wait to hear how you use the extra cash!