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Congrats to Our Beach Bucks Winners!

May 15, 2020


Abigail McDonald Kayleigh Kiser
Alicia Richardson Kenneth Patterson
Andrea Willie Kenneth Wilhoite
Andrew Downs Kerry Moore
Anthony Couch Kevin Denver
Bambi Moore Linda McDade
Charity Klein Mary Keebler
Cherryl Carden Mitzi Smith
Chris Gilligan Nicole Prater
Christine Gonzalez Nikita Stubblefield
Dahlia Bowser Pamela Wolfe
Daphne Shilling Pearl Shelton
David Kington Penny Grant
David Reynolds Regina Smith
Gail Levenger Rilie Bynum Jr.
Gordon Connell Rodney English
Heather Phillips Ronald Marshall
J Gary Guthrie Sandra Dunning Williams
Jacqueline Hauth Sheila McClurd Wilson
Jasmine Lloyd Susan Reyes
Jennifer Sartin Teresa Daugherty
Jimmie Cordell Theresa Hart
John Woods Tiffany Wiltshire
Juanita Del Pino Tonya Till
Katie Turner W E Snodgrass III

All members are eligible to win, just by having an account at CASFCU. We'll be giving money away again at the end of the year with our Christmas Cash. As a member, you have two chances to win each year!