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Financial Tips for the Holidays

December 03, 2019

The holidays are all about spreading joy and making wonderful memories with friends and family. This can also be a very stressful time of year, trying to buy Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. This holiday season Chattanooga Area Schools Federal Credit Union wants to remind you of some tips that can help you stay stress-free this season:

Create a budget

First, decide how much you can spend and then make a list of everything you need to buy. Put a dollar amount next to each item and then figure out the total cost of everything. If your total is over your budget, it’s time to prioritize. Figure out which items are at the top of your list and which are at the bottom. Try to find cheaper replacements for the items at the bottom of your list. Once you have your list of everything, keep it with you at all times and do not let yourself go over that budget!!

Find the best deals

The holidays are all about good DEALS. Take advantage of these. Know exactly which stores you need to shop at and constantly check back to see if the items you want to buy are on sale. If you see a sale, do NOT wait! You might lose a good deal on an item you really want!

Make your own gifts

If you really need to stick to a tight budget this year, make your own gifts. This does not mean you have to be crafty! Do you have family members with young kids? Offer to give them a date night out while you babysit. If you do like to get crafty, check out these ideas for DIY gifts.

Don’t buy something if you can’t afford it

It’s easy to talk yourself into buying something you really want to get. DON’T do it! It can be exciting in the moment, but we promise you will regret doing this. This is the exact thing that will cause you stress if you buy something you know you can’t really afford. Save your money and ask yourself, do I really NEED this now? Our answer is no! Wait until after the holidays when you have a little more room to treat yourself.

Check that list TWICE

Do not stray away from that list we told you to make. That list should be your best friend until your holiday shopping is complete! We promise this will help you stay organized and keep you from overspending.

We want you to have a relaxing holiday season spent with your loved ones. Don’t let your holiday shopping stress you out! Get it done and make sure you keep these tips in your head. We hope that your holidays are joyful, hopeful and everything you want them to be.

Happy holidays from CASFCU!